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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Big Hullabaloo

Jesus, my Captain, my soul's trusted Lord, all my allegiance is rightfully yours. 

//Hillsong United, "Captain"

Sometimes, we think that everything will go smoothly, and without any bumps, as long as we've got Jesus in our boat, right? I mean, obviously, Jesus is always with us, our Captain, Saviour, Redeemer, our constant help - whatever or whoever you need Him to be, HE IS. In this season, Jesus is my restorer. 

Trials, tribulations and hiccups along the way happen for a reason. Sometimes, we wonder, why can't Jesus just swoop in and save us from the perils of this wretched world? We ask, pray and believe that He will intercede in our situation, and we put all our hope in Him alone, for He is our Hope that cannot disappoint. But then.... after waiting, waiting and w a i t i n g, you're like - hey Lord, what's happening? Then you remind yourself, God is never early or late, He is ALWAYS on time. Now that, I know. But, isn't it just frustrating when the miracle doesn't come to pass at the time you wish it would? 

"Rejoice and exult in hope; be steadfast and patient in suffering and tribulation; be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12 AMP

Coming from me, whose hope was dashed for countless times during the past month, let me recount my experience, and how verses like Romans 12:12 really carried me through it all. And hey, we all learn from our mistakes, and for the ditchers, no one is perfect, and forgiving them is the best way to let it all gooooooo. No, we are not about to cue Frozen's "Let It Go", the fad is over, dude. 


Let's continue where I left off - I said, "Let's take the plunge," - and that was when everything sorta went haywire. But I don't regret it. 

Well, it wasn't just MYYYY idea, Hui Eng agreed to go ahead with it too, even though we knew that it could go terribly wrong. Take into consideration of 2 really excited girls who had nothing to lose - well, maybe except the looming $3721/ person if we failed to get 2 students to take over our CLV contracts. YOLO, in every sense of the word.

Why was it so difficult to find people? Come, let me list the reasons. 
  • Expensive rent per week
  • Sem is ending in a matter of weeks
  • Only students are allowed
  • Subletting not allowed
  • Newbie taking over the contract must last till the end of 2015, not shorter
HOWEVER, at first, we were doing well for one of the rooms. Shortly after advertising on Gumtree, a Chinese guy called Sidney was interested in inspecting the place. We were thrilled, to say the least. When he came over the following day, we showed him the area, explained everything, gave tips on living in the student village, and he told us straightaway that he wanted to rent out one room - which was mine. To be honest, I was quite confident of having my room rented out, as my room is nicely decorated, and further away from the toilet which may make the room more marketable hahaha. Oh well. Whatever it is, me and Hui Eng agreed to share half of the costs if there were any incurred on either sides.

Now pause.

Let me just say, thank You Jesus for sending Sidney to takeover the room! If it wasn't for him, me and Hui Eng would have never gone ahead with our plans, as losing that much money just to move houses was seriously not worth it. It was like, the moment he agreed to sign the contract, I said, "ALL SYSTEMS GO."

Don't worry, I'm not leaving you guys hanging again, I'm going to carry on with my story for now. (Though I should really get on with revising for my law exam - okay, just a bit more!)

Press play.

I was over the moon. Who wouldn't be?

Well, that was until we proudly marched over to the reception on 18th Sept at 4pm to inform the staff about our move, with the intention of breaking Hui Eng's contract if we couldn't find someone to take over the room by the time we moved. Now that, was the mood downer when we received the shocking reply from the RA (residential assistants who are on duty 24/7, to aid students when the staff leave on the dot at 5pm). He said, "Oh sorry, we can't do that. You're going to have to find someone to take over your contract, if not, you'll have to pay till the end of the year."

UMM. EXCUSE ME? *splutters* What did you say?

I wonder if that thought registered on our faces, but I think we were lost for words in the split second he delivered that defining statement. If I were drinking tea, I would have most definitely choked.

First thought: OH MY GAWD. OH NO. OH, NO. 

This cannot be happening. Our perfect plan had just been ripped to shreds. You see, if we broke off Hui Eng's contract on 26th September, we would save a lot of kaching. Even if we waited for 2 more weeks to find a takeover, it would have been no problem, as our new place came with 2 weeks rent free! (Do you see why this place was just calling out to us?)

As mentioned in the previous blog post yesterday, losing the bond is akin to us moving out in mid-Nov, as we would have lost $1954 anyway. And that would have been split into two, which makes it super ideal for us. By the way, if you haven't seen the previous post, I suggest you start from there, as these few blog posts are gonna be continuous. Now, for those who have read it, let me begin the next portion by saying, student villages main priority is not the welfare of the students, it is money. While I must place a disclaimer here by saying, money is how the world works, and the student village IS NOT at fault for refusing our request, and we are bound by the contract. But the infuriating point is, the fact that they chose not to care about our situation, despite our desperate pleas and emails.

When we told the RA that in places like Urbanest and other student villages, we had heard of students being able to terminate their contract early, and lose the bond as compensation. However, Iglu had strict policies in place. He then told us to email the reception, and on Monday, the staff would see it and decide if they could make a special request, seeing as to how we had tried our best to find a replacement. Our weekend mood was clearly dampened. Every time we walked past the reception, we would harrumph in displeasure. We did, however, send an email to reception the moment we got back to our unit.

Monday came. No reply. And that was just the beginning.

We proceeded to reception in the afternoon to check up on the email, and one of the staff members reiterated that it was not possible to break the contract, and advised us against signing the contract agreement for our new place. She did, however, give us the direct email for the manager, and told us to try emailing him. So happened, he was at a conference in Sydney, but he would reply their emails.

After emailing him, and explaining our side of the situation fairly, he didn't reply us. For the next two days, there was still no reply from him. Forwarded the email to reception to ask them to relay the message to him, and even visited the reception again just to inform them about the email I sent, then finally did someone forward it to the manager. Talk about efficiency.

After checking my email like a madwoman, he finally replied me. And he said we are obligated to find someone to take over the room. Basically, his indirect reply in his entire email was, NO, we are not accepting your request. He even had the cheek to say that we gave him very little time to consider. *cue the rage that lies within thy soul*


Sheesh. Well, being the vulnerable party, you can't reply that way. Any right thinking ordinary member of society has better common sense than to do that. (LOL, such a law-inspired statement) ANYWHO. I replied, and got Hui Eng to bring out her writing chops as well, in an effort to get the manager to reconsider his decision, as we apologised for any inconveniences, and tried with all our might to ascertain a favourable response. Guess what happened next?



When he finally arrived back on the 28th of Sept, we had already moved to our new spot.
Like I said before, 

And now, my friends, here we begin the story of the 3 Ditchers and the Big Hooha..... in the next blog post. *evil grin*

Okay c'mon, gimme a break. There's seriously so much to tell, so let's do this in juicy bits k?

Just wait for tomorrow or something,
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

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