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Thursday, 31 July 2014

An Accidental Cherry Tomato

Remember the time when we discovered something called hotmail? Everyone was creating all sorts of email names, be it their names or some other identity. So, being a thirteen year old at that point of time (or okay - twelve and whatever numbered month), I did not just create one, two or three accounts - I created TWELVE. Yep. I remember creating several accounts at every whim and fancy, an ice princess 078, sweet revenge, and I don't remember anything else. However, obviously when you've got so many accounts, and having the "great" wisdom in creating individual passwords for them, forgetting all but one was bound to happen.

Tralala, and so there it was, cherry_tomato052@hotmail.com :B Till today, I don't understand why I chose 052, it's definitely not some fave number of mine. Prolly some random epiphany at some point. Although, I do love that I'm associated with cherry tomatoes haha! Come come, lemme tell ya why. ;D

If you do follow me on instagram, you'd have known by now that I do love cherry tomatoes, adding it into every salad or brunch dish that I whip up in my humble abode. Be it those dreaded 2.4km runs, sweltering SG heat, or my tongue set ablaze by spices, my face tends to turn to a cherry-tomato-like flush easily, hence earning me the title of zé cherry tomato. :)

Pics are from my recent instagramming, keke just look at those juicy red cherry tomatoes *v* Gosh, looking at that avocado just makes me feel like having some now XD An avocado a day makes each strand of hair silky smooth. <Yeah it doesn't rhyme - I'm not your resident poet, mind you>

Cherry. Cheery. Cheerful. Cherlyn. Just about sums up how I'm feeling now.

Short post for now, but I think I'll be posting another one soon. Off to a food outing review on Unceasing Foodfullness, so check it out in a while! 

Stay cheerful guys!
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

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