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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I'm Not On A Diet

Hey guys!

If you've seen all the homemade meals I've been whipping up at my residence lately, you'd have definitely noticed the trend. A salad here, blueberries there, cherry tomatoes everywhere. Gosh, that rhymes, doesn't it? *does the smirk* Okay anyway. I bet some of you have been wondering... with all that healthy eating, am I on some salad greens diet or something? The answer is... NO.

I, Cherlyn Tung, do not diet. First of all, it takes some insane willpower to stay on a stupid diet where you can't just grab and munch anything you desire, and even though it helps to exercise self-control, it just drives me mad at times. I still remember I tried to take on a mini diet in Jan-Feb 2013, I was trying to stay away from everything unhealthy, and even made a vow not to touch BUBBLE TEA. If you guys haven't got a clue, yours truly here can't really live without doses of bbt. (okay of course now I can, coz I don't really fancy pearls already) I even wrote it down in a notebook, saying what I restricted myself from eating/drinking. I actually managed to honestly abstain from those stuff, like omg I didn't even allow myself to eat popcorn/chips during the freaking long Les Miserables movie back in Jan 2013 - you see, I have this habit of munching/drinking during a movie, coz to me, it completes the whole cinema experience. Eh I mean come on, you hear crunching of that lovely sweet caramel popcorn - imagine that.


It really didn't help that my dear cousin Elizabeth justtttt had to buy Cheetos to munch on during the movie - that nearly killed me, because my fellow friends, Cheetos is a crispy cheesy corn snack sent from up above to delight the tastebuds of every man and woman, and just happens to be one of my absolute faves. *cries* I chose to buy a packet of mixed nuts, yknow the kind with figs, dried fruit and baked assortments, (Disclaimer: I love nomming on nuts, but just keep to the point for now) and it took me a great deal not to simply reach to the side and delve inside that orange bag of cheesy goodness. She even handed the bag to me, asking me if I wanted some!!!! X_X

Ah yes, now I remember. I was on that mini diet for 1 month, the sole purpose was to slim down a bit before the CNY season. You know how cruel some relatives can be (mostly the distant ones), commenting on the difference between last year and the current year's look/physique/studies. Sometimes, I wish they would have some form of sensitivity and have the wisdom of when and where to ZIP IT. *inserts zip effect*

I think the o great laugh I have on the inside every year, is when they all come to me and say, "Wahhh, so tall already ah, grown up already!" On the outside, I'm all like, "Oh yes, hehehe. Thank you." Inside is, "Umm, I've been 160cm for pretty much more than half a decade..." Okay fine, to give them some credit, each year I up my game in the area of makeup - I always ensure to portray 3 different makeup looks for all 3 CNY days, hairstyling too - so maybe I tend to look different coz I never repeat them? Oh well. I treat CNY like a fashion show HAHAHA. Yknow being a girl, or might I say, a woman - who doesn't wanna look on the top of their game?

*gestures Queen Elizabeth's signature royal wave*

HAHA I JUST REMEMBERED. During the CNY season this year, I actually lugged all my makeup palettes around, and gave makeup tutorials & tips, using my cousin, Audrey as the model. Teehee.

My lovely cousin, Audrey xoxo
Purple shimmer gradient eyeshadow look

Aiyah at least next year, CNY I'll be in Aussie, so I rest my case. I'll be happily frolicking around uni, having the time of my life.

Back to the diet story.

So did the mini diet work? DID IT? I DON'T KNOW. I didn't look much different. :( Thus, I was like - screw this, BUBBLE TEA COME TO MAMA! Oh, the joy of not giving a damn.

My favourite bubble tea chain is Share Tea ;) Heh. Their pearls are simply outta this world in terms of chew factor. I once interviewed a Share Tea manager, and they said that they prep their famous pudding topping fresh daily. How about that for great slurps on a hot summery day? I'll feature my top faves for bubble tea choices on Unceasing Foodfullness some time later ^_^ Got quite a number to recommend you guys!

Anyways, I don't bother restraining from certain types of food these days, I have entrusted my weight and eating habits into Jesus' hands, for I know that He will guide me into eating what's best for me - coz I cannot, but He can. :) That's how we should treat life's situations too, don't depend on your self-effort to attain something, but just cast every care unto Him, knowing that He will complete and do an amazing work in your blessed life. :) Rest in His love for you, o favoured child of the most high God. 

Ever since I shifted to Punggol 7 months back, the land of no civilisation as of yet, and for the record - staying in a condo with no facilities downstairs unlike my previous house in Yishun, it prevents me from easy access to outside food. In fact, last time coz I'll always pass by Northpoint on the way home, I frequently felt tempted to buy Share Tea, Starbucks, Ya Kun, Shilin chix, Mos Burger or some other snack. I guess that has also helped deter random cravings for unhealthy food. Hahaha. I remember last time when walking to the bus interchange, my mind will suddenly ask me: "Should I get something to eat/drink?" My eyes would dart left and right, I would think of every possibility, and then without warning, my body heads to the store before I knew it. I used to tell my sister that my body has a mind of its own. LOL.

With the absence of habit from eating at the various coffeshops available downstairs, my family has begun to cook dinner at home more often, and buy a lot of groceries whenever visiting a supermarket. As my mum works very near NTUC finest too, I usually get her to buy whatever's on my fancy list. On my own accord, I really love nomming fruits, salad greens, and on a whole, partaking in wholesome foodstuffs. It's prolly just never kicked start a habit in me to do it regularly till now. Yknow, laziness does get to some of us haha.

Of course, the fact that I own a food blog would mean that I myself love conjuring up creative dishes, with a colourful palette. Making meals at home gave me more opportunities to try different things, opt for healthier palates, giving me a satisfaction I hadn't felt for a long time. :) 

Remember how I said that I gave this weight problem to Jesus? Well, He must have given me a change in palates and motivation to make more homemade meals - coz I absolutely crave for healthy stuff now. Every week, a box of salad greens would be replenished, along with a variety of other fruits & vegetables. I have a cereal dispenser at home too, and compared to last time, the cereal now goes wayyyyy faster, coz it's fun to dispense, and mighty fuss-free. Got mine at Robinsons. 

Amidst all this healthy eating that I love, I do want y'all to know that I eat plenty other delicious things that I sometimes don't feature on instagram. :) Chocolate waffles, ice cream, mos burger, bubble tea etc. - which brings me back to the whole point of this post. I eat what I want, exercise from time to time, and I have started to see results already *yay* You can watch your diet, exercise daily, do everything to make sure you drop those kilos, but when you've got Jesus who died for all your body fats on the cross, I don't see why you have to strive on our own effort to lose weight. Jesus knows the exact best method for you to lose weight, and if you'll just let Him lead you, look to Him, your weight problems vanish. :) 

I may be kinda distant from my ideal weight as of now (I used to be a slender 50kg several years back - another story for another day), and slowly but surely, Jesus will make it happen. For all my future weight loss, I give all the glory to Jesus alone. *lifts hands in praise*

Loving them fruits & veggies,
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

P.S. For more about food, go to www.unceasingfoodfullness.blogspot.sg! :)

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