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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Officially ONE Month in Aussie!!! xoxo

Hi guys!!!

Omg I'm so sorry I have been on hiatus for so darn long (mygawd it's been 7 months since my last post... *ashamed*) HAHAHA. Anyway, whoever's even reading this now - thanks for dropping by :P I'm now officially reviving my once-dead blog, and I hope to post more stuff now ^_^ {EDIT: Yes, I'm gonna revive my food blog too - I've been instagramming all my food lol @cherlynaurora}



I'm now studying Bachelor of Journalism in Queensland Uni of Technology - considered Year 2, due to credit exemption, but yep it's my first year here, everyone. So far, I'm really enjoying my time here, especially after making lots of new friends. The way they teach at QUT is quite practical - I mean, I just went to do a court story with a classmate the other day (we have to choose our own court hearings to go to - something I think uni in SG will never do), and we basically just winged it! I now know why everyone says Journalism at QUT is super fun, despite it being challenging. :) Hey, if you've got the passion, things can only get better. :D

So, maybe y'all are wondering - do I get homesick?

Yknow, I am super uberly attached to my family haha.

"Have you ever been to a place you're supposed to love, but all you can think about is home?"

Well, well... in the first week that my family left for SG, I was reduced to a legit crying mess for like 5 whole days. I was crying, wailing, bawling, sulking - basically coz it was my first time being away from my family (don't count holidays lahs), and I was on an emotional rollercoaster the whole way. Have no freaking idea how my family actually put up with me - but interestingly enough, after meeting friends and stuff over the weekend, homesickness didn't even occur to after that lol. From week 2 onwards, my mind was literally: "What is homesickness?" XDDD DRASTIC CHANGE LOLLL. Maybe it was coz my monthly friend visited during the 1st week of independence? O_O

Okay to be frank, it was coz I was pressurising myself to ensure I do well in my studies, live within a reasonable budget, surviving with insanely limited house wifi plans (KGSV I'm staring at you) and to cope with the apparent loneliness during that first week. One thing to know; when you're alone, your mind starts to play tricks on you. I honestly thought I was going to become depressed if I let it go on haha~ But yes, I began to play podcasts of Ps Joel Osteen & Ps Prince on my phone whenever I felt like it was overwhelming, blasted gospel music to drown out the emptiness - yeah it did work, but what I really needed was FRIENDS. And hey, I've overcome so many situations in life, and through it all, I knew that God is faithful, and when He brings me to a certain place, especially after a whole path of open doors, He will surely take care of me, supply me with more than enough, and of course, put great friends in my life! ^_^

Suddenly, at the end of the week, I kept meeting more and more and more new people, and they were really cool to chat with! Also, during the first week, I didn't feel hungry at all, was waking up at random hours - panicking and just crying coz I knew my family wasn't with me - it was just horrible. My body didn't want lunch for the whole week, and I shoved breakfast down my throat coz I knew that if I didn't eat, I might feel really faint lol. (Trust me, when you've fainted in an epic fashion before - you DO NOT want it to happen again) XD

It was like as if my body wasn't mine HAHA - it was a whole experience and feeling that was so foreign to me. Thank God I have no flatmate, she might have thought I was crazy hahaha. I don't even know how I suddenly snapped out of my homesick state, but in week 2 and now week 3, I can't even "feel" homesick - which is even more surprising (I can't believe I was such a sappy fella in week 1!)

ANYWAY. LIFE IS GOOD! Jesus is even better ;) He's just reaffirming me of why He's brought me all the way here, and I'm slowly discovering the greater purpose for me over here in Aussie. No matter how much I cried and got majorly depressed, I knew on the inside that there was a greater purpose in me being here, and I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be. And that The Lord is with me, and He will never leave nor forsake me!

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."

Right now, I'm loving life, appreciating every bit of each passing day, learning to treasure the amazing experience I'm blessed with, being content, and knowing that His supply is always greater than the demands in life. Jesus loves me, and that'll never change. xoxo


Will update more soon! Now moving over to my food blog at www.unceasingfoodfullness.blogspot.com to do some major food updating HAHA! :D

Think of this lifestyle blog as advice and my personal diary. :)

Go conquer the world & infect people with your joy,
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo


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